A Vienna native, I was born to Serbian parents who immigrated to Austria in the 70s. As a child I was thrilled with old science fiction movies, like Back to the Future. Movies are an art for which I discovered a very personal passion early on. Making films is the art of telling stories and communicating feelings, this has always fascinated me. My ardor with this comes from the ability to move someone emotionally. Simple tools like image, sound, and technology combine to express where words are usually not enough. That's what astonishes me again and again. Over the years, this passion has become my profession.


Before I even put a pen on paper and write my screenplay, I think a few decades ahead. Would people still want to see my films in fifty years? What do I want to convey for a message? Which light and which camera angle best suit the mood of the film? Creating something new and timeless is my mission. I tend to nod to classic filmmakers but apply a certain neofuturistic element to everything I shoot. My art is all about emotion. These are films that you like to see.

— Nebojsa Vasic

People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.
— Steven Spielberg